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Podere Le Rose


Evaluation of this property


The main building is divided on two floors for about 340 squared meters all, and it was completely restructured ten years ago.

The main building is divided on two floors for about 340 squared meters all, and it was completely restructured ten years ago with first-rate materials both as regards the building part and the electrical and hydraulic systems. When restructuring, the building has been consolidated by installing at every floor (roof and foundations too) beams or kerbs of reinforced concrete . The roof and all the outer walls are thermally isolated with polystyrene. Locks and handles are of the eighteenth century. Ceilings of the ground floor are formed by sail times of ancients bricks or plastered while those of the first floor are formed by hand-cut wooden beams and ancients bricks. Some rooms have been decorated in the eighteenth-century Tuscan style. This is the current space division: on the ground floor there is a wide entry, a double hall, a dining room, a kitchen with lunch area, a bathroom, a laundry room and a technical devices room (safety alarm, tv decoders, telephone switchboard ecc..). On the first floor there is a double very big bedroom with bathroom, two single bedrooms with a bathroom, a bedroom for guests with bathroom, a studio-hall and an intermediate floor. A second building has been completely rebuilt of reinforced concrete, thermally isolated as the main building, and coated with the same stones it was made of in origin. This building has already been provided with electrical and hydraulic systems and with all the pipes necessary for the heating system. The building has been arranged on the ground floor to be eventually changed in an apartment of little higher than 100 sqared meters. For this transformation it is necessary to ask to the municipality for the use destination change, then it is necessary to build two slip-soles to bound two bathrooms, open already preset window, install a boiler and the radiators. Furthermore the sidewalk made of cement which bounds the building must still be coated in bricks. There is also an underground floor of about 100 sq.m., which has to be equipped with access stair, space divisions have not been realized yet while the electrical and hydraulic systems have already been realized. There is also an about three hundred cubic meters third building which still has to be restructured, and a new artesian well. A terrain of about 20.000 squared meters completes the property, 15.000 are covered by olive trees registered at the Dop Oil extra-virgin Chianti Classico. The remaining 10.000 are formed by a lawn, a vegetable garden, an orchard and a wood with oaks, holms, cypresses and some maritime pine. The panorama is incomparable: at north you see the valley between San Felice and the Brolio castle, and at South the typical Siena clays, all this immerged in a curtain of suggesting hills.


  • From South
  • Restructured Building
  • From West
  • From Children Bedroom
  • Leavingroom Fireplace
  • Leavingroom 1st Floor
  • Leavingroom
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Bedroom Bathroom
  • Groud Floor Ceiling
  • Entrance
  • Diningroom
  • Bathroom
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