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  • Luxury villa in Viareggio: Villa Selene, water front villa for sale in Viareggio, dating back to the 20s, and recently restored to its original architectural magnificience. Villa Selene is located in Viareggio, in Viale Belluomini, 93. The Villa represents one of the most complete art works of the architect Federigo Severino (1888-1962). Built for the Jacomelli family, it was, for a long period, the dwelling of the Mussolini-Ciano family, and later it belonged to the Barsanti family. The Villa, recently restored, is sapiently curated by Finedil through qualified workers, and it is characterized by high value inner spaces, geometric lines, luxury decorations and latest generation systems, which perfectly combine with the ancient spaces of the villa. The villa is divided into four inner floors and two outer floors: ground floor, first floor, second floor and third floor served by an elevator. The fourth and the fifth floors serve the terrace, which boast a breath-taking all around view over the Versilia.

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    This important water front building, which covers a surface of about 1000 square meters, is located in one of the most suggestive and prestigious areas of Viareggio, near to the Principe di Piemonte Grand Hotel. The facade is skillfully done, and is enriched by two wide terraces with a view over the Tirrenian sea and the Apuan Alps. Villa Selene yearns for become one of the most prestigious properties in the real estate reality in Versilia, through the restoration of the ancient and refined taste of its finishes and fittings: drawing laid marbles, refined woods for the flooring, columns and marble capitals, friezes, decoration and coffers.

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